Soil Health Card Based Fertilizers Application and Maize Fall Army Worm
Mission On Sustainable Dry Land Agriculture
Jal Shakti Abiyan Programme Kisan Mela
Jal Shakti Abiyan Programme
Mass Tree Planting Programme
Training on Commercial Desi Chicks
Accounts and Book kepping training
Finacial education Training
Jal Shakti Abiyan Programme
Demonstration of ICM in Greengram VBN 4
Demonstration of ICM practices in Little Millets ALT 1
Demonstration of Multi Cut type Coriander IIHR-Arka Isha
Demonstration on management of Metabolic disorder in Cow
Assessing the management of hormonal imbalanced crossbred infertile cows
Assessment of high yielding cotton varieties for Vellore district
Assessment of suitable legume fodder crop under coconut garde
IPM for fall army worm on maize
Friends of Coconut Tree (FoCT)
Soil Health Card Day Programme
X - SAC Meeting in KVK Vellore
PKVY Training in KVK Vellore
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Diagnostic field visit to papaya field on 18.04.2020 (Madhanur Block)
Management of fruit fly in gauva
News Paper
S.NoTitle of the Front Line Demonstration (2015-16)
1 Demonstration of rice variety TKM 13 in Vellore dist
2 Demonstration of sunhemp under seed production mode
3 Demonstration of Spot Bio drenching against wilt disease in Redgram
4 Demonstration of biological control of beans Root rot in Yelagiri hill
5 Demonstration of Horse gram variety CRIDA 18 R
6 Demonstration of bush type lab lab CO(Gb)14
7 Demonstration of snake gourd PLR 2
8 Demonstration of cluster bean variety MDU1
9 Integrated Crop Management Practices In Guava
10 Base banding with 1% 2,4 – D for xylem translocation
11 Demonstration of osmo -air dried mango slices
12 Demonstration of sapota candy
13 Demonstration of value added products from papaya
14 Demonstration of calcium supplement to desi backyard poultry for prevention of breakage of eggs
15 Demonstration of ethno- veterinary medicine for control of external parasites in dairy cow
16 Demonstration of artificial insemination using boer semen to native goat of Vellore district
17 Demonstration of fodder bank for dairy cows using new varieties
18 Demonstration of motorized sugarcane bud chipper for SSI
19 Demonstration of Biogas plant from kitchen waste
20 Integrated Farming System
Title of the Front Line Demonstration (2016-17)
1 Demonstration of Biological Control of Rice Leaf Folder And Blast Disease
2 Demonstration of green gram variety CO 8
3 Demonstration of multi cut fodder sorghum CO (FS) 31
4 Demonstration of cumbu variety CO 10
5 Demonstration of Eco friendly management of mango anthracnose & fruit fly
6 Demonstration of Bhendi Hybrid CO4
7 Demonstration of Integrated Crop Management Practices in Bitter gourd
8 Demonstration on protein enriched mango bar to SHGs
9 Demonstration of portable brooder for desi chick production in Vellore District
10 Demonstration of nest boxes for initial maintenance of new born kids and lambs (goat farm cluster approach)
11 Demonstration of power operated rotary cutter for harvesting little millet
12 Demonstration of Tractor drawn pulses seed drill