Soil Health Card Based Fertilizers Application and Maize Fall Army Worm
Mission On Sustainable Dry Land Agriculture
Jal Shakti Abiyan Programme Kisan Mela
Jal Shakti Abiyan Programme
Mass Tree Planting Programme
Training on Commercial Desi Chicks
Accounts and Book kepping training
Finacial education Training
Jal Shakti Abiyan Programme
Demonstration of ICM in Greengram VBN 4
Demonstration of ICM practices in Little Millets ALT 1
Demonstration of Multi Cut type Coriander IIHR-Arka Isha
Demonstration on management of Metabolic disorder in Cow
Assessing the management of hormonal imbalanced crossbred infertile cows
Assessment of high yielding cotton varieties for Vellore district
Assessment of suitable legume fodder crop under coconut garde
IPM for fall army worm on maize
Friends of Coconut Tree (FoCT)
Soil Health Card Day Programme
X - SAC Meeting in KVK Vellore
PKVY Training in KVK Vellore
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Diagnostic field visit to papaya field on 18.04.2020 (Madhanur Block)
Management of fruit fly in gauva
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News Paper
Utilization of Solar Energy in Agriculture
TNIAMP-LPR- Training on Green manure & SRI Production Technology
TNIAMP-LPR- Training on Precision Farming in Vegetable Crops
TNIAMP-LPR- Scheme Awareness and Farmer Selection
Sl.no Title of the Trainings (2015-16)
1. Crop production and nematode management in crossandra
2. Mushroom cultivation
3. Value added products from mango
4. Production technology on fodder crops
5. Backyard poultry farming for Rural development
6. Integrated pest management in Groundnut
7. Improved production technology in major vegetable crops in Vellore District
8. Biological control of beans diseases
9. Millets production technology
10. Improved production technologies in groundnut cultivation
11. Advance technologies for commercial goat farming
12. Value addition in tomato
13. Sustainable Sugarcane Initiatives
14. Post harvest technology and value addition of groundnut
15. Mushroom cultivation
16. Organic farming
17. Value added products from Papaya
18. Green gram production technologies
19. Training on pulse sowing and crop management
20. ICAR NMOOP training on Oilseeds
Sl.no Title of the Trainings (2016-17)
21. Pulses production technology
22. Value addition in mango
23. Good Agricultural practices in Mango
24. Improved Groundnut production technologies
25. Improved production technologies for chilli